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Rebel Legion UK is the sole preferred 'Rebel' costume club of Lucasfilm Limited in the UK. It is part of an international Star Wars costuming club and home for Star Wars fans, celebrating the saga using costumes and props of the Rebel or 'good guy' characters. The Rebel Legion's aims are to support its members by promoting the improvement of the costumes we wear and the props we use to compliment those costumes. We have over 2,500 Rebel costuming members worldwide. The Rebel Legion is a volunteer, non-profit club, formed back in 2000 to bring together Star Wars costuming enthusiasts and fans, giving them a collective identity both online and offline to meet and have fun. Aswell as attending larger national and international events, one of our key objectives is to also give something back to the communities we live in through charity fundraising at the events we attend - large or small.

We encourage members of other fan clubs to join the Rebel Legion, however, we will always remain independent of all other clubs and organisations to avoid Imperial entanglements! We are always happy to share resources, knowledge and members with other groups, welcoming and encouraging work side by side with them at events. While Rebel Legion are not formally connected as a club with the 501st Garrisons across the world, both clubs share similar aims and values and are the preferred clubs of Lucasfilm Limited when characters are required for their events to faithfully represent their on screen heroes.

The Rebel Legion recognises that most activities will be on a local level in each country, so our groups worldwide are known as 'Bases'. Base members work in their areas or countries to create that local identity and to encourage teamwork within those communities. The Rebel Legion adheres to rules and guidelines so that we maintain high standards at Rebel Legion activities, our members know what is expected and that this is enjoyable for our members. To become a full member, formal membership age is strictly over 18 years of age. People aged 13 and above can become members of our forum communities. When those forum members reach the age of 18, they are then eligible to apply for full membership by enlisting with at least one recognised rebel costume. We uphold these standards to make sure that we remain one of the premier Rebel costuming clubs in the world and the preferred 'good guy' costuming club of Lucasfilm Limited.

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